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Tips for Riding a Bicycle in a Dress

Many of you have heard of the Bridesmaid Dress Ride that we’re organizing in Lawrenceville tomorrow as part of Car Free Fridays. Check out the previous blog post for more information on the ride and group ride etiquette.

Please come!

This will be a great time to wear a leftover bridesmaid dress, to ride with friends, to meet new friends, to get some exercise and warm up before the Gallery Crawl. Even if you don’t have a dress or a bike, it’s easy to borrow one because most people have these things. As proven again and again, there’s safety (and more fun) in numbers for bicyclists.

Many have also asked if it is even possible to ride a bike in a dress and I want to tell you that it is! I have been riding in dresses and heels for years. Don’t just take my word for it — take the word of ladies from across the country:

Tips for Riding in Dresses

Check out the Slice of Pink blog for the Bike Riding in Dress 101.

The San Francisco Bike Coalition has an informative section on what to wear when Riding: Riding a Bike in Skirts and Heels

The blog Keeping Awkward in Style recommends longer skirts to reduce flashing in the guide to Riding a Bike in a Skirt.

Binder clips, safety pins, rubber bands, twists, all of these can be used to secure your dress so that it doesn’t get caught in your wheel. Give it a try before tomorrow to make sure you’re comfortable.

If you have other tips, leave them in the comments!

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