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Car Free Fridays

Reduce the Number of Single Occupant Car Trips One Trip at a Time

Now in its fifth year Car Free Fridays remains focused in its goal to encourage the region’s residents to bike, walk, take transit and carpool!


WYEP Final Fridays at Schenley Plaza

Join BikePGH and hoards of live music fans the last Fridays of every month this Summer in Schenley Plaza at WYEP’s Final Fridays. We’re providing bike valet and the Port Authority has lots of service to Oakland. Not good options for you? How about a carpool with friends! Don’t inch your way through traffic when you can spend more time enjoying the show. Drop your bike off at the entrance to Schenley Plaza and be on your way!

Car Free Fridays is sponsored by:  Aero Tech Design, Bicycle Times, BikePGH, colin burch: design & illustration, East End Food Coop, Over The Bar Bicycle Cafe, Port Authority,  NuGo, Southwestern Pennsylvania Air Quality Partnership, WESA, Whole Foods Market, and WYEP.

On Car Free Fridays, which is every Friday (really any day you don’t drive alone), the Capital of Steeler’s Nation is encouraged to use bikes, feet, transit, ride share, or a combination of modes to get to work and run errands. It’s easy to participate, the name says it all.

 How to Participate in Car Free Fridays

  • Challenge co-workers or employees to a day of car free commuting and send us your stories. Request a Car Free Fridays Action Kit today;
  • Login to National Bike Challenge to tally the miles that you bike and walk to get to work, run errands, and shop;
  • Attend a Car Free Fridays event; See the 2013 Schedule below!
  • Join a BikePool here! Or find or create one using the Message Board and Pittsburgh Bike Map

Car Free Fridays Events

Car Free Fridays promotes local events that have plenty of bike parking, are conveniently accessed by public transportation, and encourage biking, walking, and transit.


Sign up for the National Bike Challenge today

Last year PGH put in a solid performance. We were the largest metro area in the top 40. Places like Cleveland are hot on our wheels and challenged us to the Rust Belt Crown. We can’t lose momentum. Sign up now!
The challenge runs from May 1st to September 30th and is held as part of a national effort thanks to Kimberly Clark LLC, the League of American Bicyclists, and web developer  Participants can compete simultaneously as individuals, part of a team, workplaces, cities and states.  And because of the tie to the national challenge you can see your standings on both local and national levels! There’s even an app that smartphone users can download right from a tab on the homepage to directly track and log the trips you take. All bike rides count, but a point system is in place that heavily credits daily trips giving people who use bikes for transportation an advantage (+20 points for each day you ride.  +1 for each mile.) OTB Bicycle Cafe  is the sponsors of the local challenge.

Without further ado, join the challenge at! Then grab your bike and some friends, rally your coworker and neighbors, and lets get Pittsburgh to the top of the national leaderboard!


Build the Momentum

It’s easy to make any event a Car Free Fridays event, just encourage active transportation and BikePGH will help you get the word out! If you are interested in learning more about being a sponsor or partner contact us at for details