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Drive With Care

Thanks to your support we have re-launched our Drive With Care campaign!

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Someone you care about rides a bike. From behind the windshield it may look like we are all the same, but we come from all walks of life and experiences. We could be your carpenter, doctor, your child’s friend, your priest, or even one of your sports heroes. But always we are someone’s family member. That’s why all of us who drive need to drive with care.

Through billboards, bus shelter ads, social media, and ads on the sides of buses we are creating a more positive relationships between people driving and people biking.

Stand up for yourself and your friends and neighbors who ride by joining BikePGH and help us continue to spread the black and gold Drive With Care message all around our city.


Care 2013 animatedClick the donate button below to support this effort and keep the campaign going!



This campaign has been made possible by a generous grant from The Benter Foundation.  Please consider making a donation today.

Special thanks to Brad Quartuccio for his photography, Wall-to-Wall Studios for the campaign creative, and Murray Horne and Amy Staggs of the Wood Street Gallery for hosting the photo shoots.