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Someone you care about rides a bike

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BikePGH Drive With Care Indiegogo Campaign

People who ride bicycles are all around use. From behind the windshield if may look like we are all the same, but we come from all walks of life and experiences. This message of basic humanity needs to be taken directly to drivers where they are. There are far too many crashes and aggressive encounters that could be avoided if everyone simply recognized that all road users are people. To take this to the streets we need your support to raise $50,000!

This is just the beginning of the public awareness campaign. With your support we will broadcast the message that we could be your nurse, your carpenter, your child’s friend, your priest or even one of your sports heroes throughout Pittsburgh. Through billboards, bus shelter ads, video, an app and other media tactics that encourage drivers to simply drive with care, we can create a shift in the relationship between all road users. This in turn will make everyones days better and lives safer.

Some real Pittsburghers who ride bicycles including Pittsburgh Steeler Antonio Brown:

busshelter care

Some of the bus shelter images to encourage drivers to drive with care.




Stand up for yourself and your friends and neighbors who bike, donate to launch Drive With Care in a big way. Help get the black and gold Drive With Care message all around our city! We have a live Indiegogo Campaign where your donation will directly fund the launch and expansion of the Drive With Care campaign.


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This campaign has been made possible by a generous grant from The Benter Foundation. Now it is up to us to sustain it. Please donate today.

Special thanks to Brad Quartuccio for his photography, and Wall-to-Wall Studios for the campaign creative.