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Oct 8 2013 at 3:21pm #

I will be moving to Chicago in a few weeks, and wanted to thank everyone who is involved in Bike PGH for helping make this city so wonderful to live in for the last 7 years.

When I first came here as a Pitt student, I learned the city on bike, and have seen an incredible amount of improvement in my short time here. Bike PGH has made me fall in love with Pittsburgh and see the city in a completely different way.

I’m excited to move to Chicago, but Pittsburgh will always have a very special place in my heart, and yinz are a big reason for that. Thank you for everything, and never stop making this city better.



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Oct 8 2013 at 4:55pm #

I have no idea if I’ll be here or there.. but shoot me a message when you get to Chicago and I’ll meet you for a ride! I’m in Chicago at the moment, but unsettled and back and forth between the two cities.

On a similar note, if you need any help with the move, I drive back and forth more often then I should… I could possibly help with some of the transport depending on your dates.



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Oct 9 2013 at 5:13am #

Why thank you, good sir. Once I have a better idea of when I’m moving, I will let you know.


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Oct 9 2013 at 8:10am #

Aww, sorry to see you go Elmo! But, if it’s an up and coming bike friendly city you seek, Chicago is a good choice.

Hope all goes well. Come back and visit….often!


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Oct 9 2013 at 1:26pm #

You can also still play Wheelset of Fortune from ahtatahn. One of our regulars (jeg) is in Germany. It’s a great way of keeping in touch with us.

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