This is the greatest idea I’ve heard in a long time. What a brilliant way to celebrate and show off all the wonderful things about Pittsburgh. This international event could bring in millions of dollars in tourism revenue while spotlighting the beauty of PA and the hidden gem that is Pittsburgh. This would be a great way to fill the void left after the Thrift Drug Classic dried up. Remember, Lance Armstrong won the Thrift Drug Classic three years in a row from 92-94 and helped him get to where he is today. This race across PA and Pittsburgh could reignite the drive to have a yearly race in the city, and bring in visitors from all around the globe.

I just hope the city and county and state start to see the high value in putting money and political capital into making Pittsburgh more bike-friendly. It would be a tragedy to have such a high profile event, get thousands of people from all over the world to our city with their bikes, only to have it still be daunting to ride in for many of them.

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  • Anything to make “the city and county and state…making Pittsburgh more bike-friendly” would certainly be plus.

    Counter to this positive story, I want to make you aware that the annual Pittsburgh Triathlon and Adventure Race ( scheduled for this August has removed the biking segment from this years Adventure race. Not only does this devalue the triathlon as a whole, it further drives home the point that Pittsburgh is a negative bike town.

    Even if you don’t participate in this (once) great event, I’d love to see a groundswell of support to get the bike segment added back to the race. Feel free to contact the Race Director Neil Semmel at as I have been doing or Friends of the River who organizes this event.

  • Actually we share office space with Friends of the Riverfront and I’m looking at one of their flyers for this summer’s race. It reads 1.5K Swim – 40K Bike – 10K Run. So it seems as though it’s still a Triathlon.

    I would like to see this race be incorporated into BikeFest 2008!

  • You are correct on the triathlon portion. It is the alternative event called the Adventure Race from which they’ve pulled the biking. The Adventure Race use to be a 2 mile kayak, 12k bike and 5k run and is for those of us with professional lives that cannot train for a full triathlon. For this year, they removed the bike.

  • Hey, did you have any chance to speak w/ “Friends” regarding the removal of the biking portion of the Adventure Race? Curious if they have any better reasons or, hopefully, are considering adding that 3rd leg back into the event. Thanks!

  • I have an update regarding the Adventure Race. I received word today that the FOTR Board of Directors instructed the race managers to reinstate the bike portion. I’m thrilled with the decision and thank anyone who helped raise its visibility.

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