Bike Pittsburgh needs your support!

Bike Pittsburgh needs your support. We are doing great things to make bicycling a more viable transportation and form of recreation in this city and we want you to be a part of our exciting organization! We can’t continue expanding biking opportunities throughout the city, and growing/networking the bicycling community without your help. If you ride a bike in and around Pittsburgh for any reason – to get to work, if you use it at work, to run errands, to recreate – become a member of Bike Pittsburgh today! MEMBERS GET DISCOUNTS AT LOTS OF LOCAL BIKE SHOPS! Check out our website for more details.

Some highlights of our accomplishments:
1) Installed bike racks throughout Pittsburgh with Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership
2) Partnering with Free Ride recycle-a-bike to get more people on more bikes more often
3) Worked with to map bike routes and bike accidents
4) Working with Port Authority to improve and expand the Rack n Roll program that will be rolling out in the coming months
5) Worked with Port Authority to get permission to bring bikes on the Monongahela Incline
6) Working with City Planning and various City Council members to make the city more bike-friendly
7) Coordinators of BikeFest for two years running
8) Corrdinators of Bike to Work Week locally for 5 years!
9) Edit monthly eNewsletters, quarterly print newsletters, and Action Alerts to keep bicyclists up-to-date on everything important to biking in and around Pittsburgh.

In the next year we plan on coming out with the city’s first handheld commuter-oriented bike map! We need your help to make this happen, though. Become a member today!


Help us make BikeFest one of the most amazing events in Pittsburgh this summer. We want to try to keep as many events as possible FREE to the public. In order to keep it free, Bike Pittsburgh needs financial support to offset our costs. Any money generated over and above our BikeFest costs will go directly towards supporting our important work on the behalf of all local bicyclists. If you’re not yet a member, please join today. If you are a member and would like to be an individual sponsor of BikeFest, please click here to find out more about our sponsor levels. We also want to do a Member Challenge ala NPR at the BikeFest party. We already have over $200 lined up for this, but need to grow it to $2,000 to “unlock” when we get get enough people to join during the event.

Contact us today about donating to the member challenge!

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  • You may want to consider removing your partnership with Free Ride, unless you agree with their discrimination. I have been discriminated against by them for being a conserviative, no I did not go in and spout my political ideas, I knew that would be a bad idea, but when I went (the few times I did) last year, I knew by the posters that they had that my ideas would be unwelcomed. So I kept my mouth shut, well one day they saw me on the streat with a group of conservitives, they came over and told me I was unwelcome at Free Ride if I was a Republican.

    So I have found that they discriminate against Republicans, do you want to be connected to that?

  • Free Ride does tremendous things for the Pittsburgh community, and puts hundreds if not thousands of bicycles back on the streets where they belong while facilitating hundreds of people to learn how to maintain those bicycles. It’s one of the best programs around, and Bike Pittsburgh has nothing but the deepest respect for Free Ride. We are proud of this project.

    While I am sorry you feel that you were discriminated against, I have a difficult time believing that Free Ride the organization discriminated against you. 1) You were not at the shop when people supposedly told you that you were not welcome 2) given that it is a collectively-run project, there would have to be consensus to keep anyone from attending shop hours. Perhaps the individuals who also goes to open shop hours told you you were not welcome, but they alone do not represent the policies of Free Ride.

    We will talk with the core organizers of Free Ride about this instance, but we will not remove our partnership with them. Perhaps you should also bring up your concerns with them directly instead of posting something so derrogatory on the internet.

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