We have new sticker designs!

Back by popular demand (and we ran out of the last batch)

Bike Pittsburgh Stickers

We’ve reprinted our ever popular stickers, this time with some new slogans and updated designs. It’s satisfying to say that we’ve seen these all over town. New for this batch include “PIEROGIE POWERED,” “LIVE FREE OR DRIVE,” and “KEEP FIT RIDE A CYCLIST.” We’ve also printed two new ones commenting on the current state of affairs over the gas prices: “GAME OVER,” (for video game fans) and “WHAT ME WORRY?” (for those who grew up reading MAD Magazine). We kept some of the more popular ones with a bit of an updated design.

Make sure to grab some when you see us in person, or if you don’t want to wait, simply send us $6 bucks (shipping included) and we’ll send you one of each.



  • Steven says:

    Wikipedia lists eleven ways to spell “pierogy”, but the spelling “peirogy” appearing on the sticker isn’t one of them. Maybe this could be fixed in the next printing?

  • scott says:

    Ha! We caught that too. Those stickers have been retired and we already have the new ones in hand spelled “Pierogi.”

  • erok says:

    damn, nothing slips by yinz. or is it yunz?

    ha! my heart sank when they came back and i realized it. then we quickly reordered them with the correct spelling.

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