Port Authority to Allow Foldable Bikes on Buses, T and Mon Incline

Friday, August 01, 2008

Pittsburgh, PA – As part of a sustainable living initiative, Port Authority is pleased to announce bicyclists may now bring folding bicycles onto Port Authority buses, light-rail cars and the Monongahela Incline during both peak and non-peak hours.

Folding bike users riding buses with bike racks are required to use the racks to secure their bicycles.

Port Authority and local cycling advocates, Bike Pittsburgh, are encouraging people to combine modes of transportation in an effort to reduce the dependence on automobiles, which will help decrease traffic congestion, decrease carbon emissions, relieve the parking crunch and allow for easier use of bicycles all over Pittsburgh.

“Combining the transportation modes of Port Authority and bicycles makes leaving the car at home an easier choice,” Bike Pittsburgh Executive Director Scott Bricker said. “We are really pleased that Port Authority now allows those using folding bikes to bring their bikes on board the bus or T regardless of time of day. It is a great opportunity for those commuting to work seeking ways to beat the skyrocketing cost of fuel.”


  • fyaeger says:

    The Fri Aug 01 press release says “Folding bike users riding buses with bike racks are required to use the racks to secure their bicycles.

    I do not live in PGH, so am unfamiliar with PGH bus bike racks, but am interested to know more so I can cite PGH’s progressive policy.

    Can someone clarify a few things for me?
    1) Are the PGH bus bike racks on the inside or outside of the bus?
    2) How many bikes do they accomodate per bus?
    3) What if racks are full and you have a folding bike? In that case, can you bring it onto the bus with you?

  • erok says:

    Wow, PGH being cited as progressive. I never thought that day would come.

    1) on the outside of the bus, the front. They’re the typical fold down style. check out
    http://bike-pgh.org/resources/bikesontransit , for more details and a photo

    2) two bikes

    3) Good question. not sure if that’s come up yet, but it would be good to clarify

  • scott says:

    3) yes, if racks are full you can bring a folding bike on board, but not a regular bike.

  • […] buses increased during this time to approximately 70 percent.  Also, working with BikePGH, the Port Authority agreed to allow folding bicycles aboard any bus without a bike rack, as well as aboard “the T” and incline during peak […]

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