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valet volunteer

Volunteers in Bike Pittsburgh Blue staffed the Bicycle Valet Station at the Bob Dylan Concert, Aug ’08
In order to better manage our volunteers and get people involved, we’ve created this handy dandy Volunteer Application. It should only take about a minute to fill out, and it’s the first step in getting involved in changing this city.

When you volunteer at Bike Pittsburgh you don’t just volunteer, you join a community of individuals passionate about making Pittsburgh one of the world’s bike-friendliest cities. In fact Bike Pittsburgh volunteers are such a dedicated and enthusiastic bunch that the word “volunteer” doesn’t quite cut the mustard. It’s also a great way to meet other local cyclists.

Tell Us About Yourself

To get started, please fill out this quick survey so that we can add your name to our volunteer database. Filling this out doesn’t mean that you are signing yourself up anything in particular, you’re just adding your name to a pool of potential volunteers. When things come up, look our for a request from us. It’s that simple.

You’ll have lots of opportunity to get involved and even learn new skills. This is the best way to get yourself involved, and the best way for us to utilize all of the connections and skills in the city!

Thanks in advance!

For more on volunteering, Click here.

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