Post-Gazette: Thank public servants for making E. Liberty thoroughfare safer

Friday, November 07, 2008
By Larry Walsh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Bike Pittsburgh is dedicated to making the city safer, more accessible and friendlier to bicycle transportation.

And when that happens, in increments large or small, Bike Pittsburgh acknowledges it. It wants its membership to do the same.

That’s why Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, City Councilmen Ricky Burgess, Patrick Dowd and Bill Peduto and state Rep. Joseph Preston Jr. will be getting more mail than usual. And the letters and cards will contain more compliments than complaints.

Bike Pittsburgh is asking its membership and the city’s cycling community to thank the mayor, the councilmen and the legislator for their help in putting East Liberty Boulevard, a wide, high-speed road, on a “much-needed road diet.” Read more»

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