City extends marked bike network into Bloomfield, Shadyside, Oakland

Light Green: New bike lanes
Dark Green: Existing bike lanes
Light Blue: New Sharrows
Dark Blue: Mixed bike lane/sharrows

New bike lanes and sharrows add to the popular Liberty Ave Bike Lanes

The City recently adorned the popular Liberty Ave bike lanes in Bloomfield with some extensions, expanding upon the marked bike network.  The east-west Friendship Ave corridor, connecting Bloomfield to East Liberty, and the north-south Millvale Ave corridor, connecting Bloomfield to Oakland will be seeing the most significant improvements. Not everything is installed yet, but we wanted to provide a sneak peek to what’s in store.

Many people noticed the shared lane markings, or sharrows, on Friendship Ave and Millvale Ave in Bloomfield.  These were the first pieces placed on these essential, but very narrow, roads in the cycling network.  The City has plans to fill the gaps (that are still under construction) with either bike lanes or a combination of bike lanes and sharrows.  For instance, on Millvale approaching Liberty from Oakland, there will be an uphill climbing bike lane, with downhill sharrows.

This same treatment can be seen on Forbes Ave in Squirrel Hill. The idea is that people on bikes need a bit more wiggle room when climbing, but can take the lane and most likely go the speed limit on the downhills, providing for a full lane of maneuverability. Neville St, due to the challenges with the width of the road, will also see a combination of bike lanes and sharrows.

Ellsworth Ave cyclists were surprised to see some sharrows on this extremely popular cycling route that connects Shadyside to Oakland.  Officially establishing this as a bike route will help pave the way for future, yet more complex improvements.

Here’s to hoping the unseasonably warm weather holds out long enough for the crews to finish up this project.

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