Urgent: Tell Your PA House Rep to Support Transportation Funding

We’ve reached a critical moment for transportation in Pennsylvania, and we need your help for the future of our state.

Early next week, the Pennsylvania House is going to vote on a transportation bill. This is Pennsylvania’s best shot to adequately fund transportation, including bicycling and walking projects, for the foreseeable future. We must act now.

House members need to hear from you that this bill is critical to Pennsylvania’s economic well being and to you as their constituent. No matter their party, every House member should vote for this bill if they have Pennsylvania’s best interests at heart.

Please support bicycling & walking in two ways:

  1. Send this e-mail action letter to your House representative.
  2. Call your House Representative’s office and deliver the same message: you are counting on them to vote YES on comprehensive transportation funding.

Last spring the Senate passed SB 1, providing $2.5B in transportation funding. That bill was the best we could expect out of this transportation debate, and we need the House to pass an identical bill at that same $2.5 billion funding level.

In order to fulfill the promise of Senate Bill 1 and build, not bastardize, Pennsylvania’s future, the House bill must provide $2.5 billion in annual transportation funding, which includes:

  • $495 million designated for public transit (read: SEPTA);
  • A robust multi-modal fund of $80-$150 million annually, to which bicycle and pedestrian projects can apply for funding;
  • At least $2 million minimum in the multi-modal fund for bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

This is a critically important moment in Pennsylvania for all forms of transportation. We need everyone to speak up for its importance. As Rina Cutler, Philadelphia’s Deputy Mayor said yesterday at a DVRPC board meeting: “We have one shot at this and no second chance.

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