New Map of DIY Bike Repair Locations in Pittsburgh

Options grow for people in need of free, on-the-go bike repair

More organizations are realizing that offering bike tools is a helpful way to build community and promote healthy, sustainable transportation. As the popularity of the Dero Fixit Station increases, and businesses open their doors to lend a hand to bike riders in need, options are growing for people in need of free, on-the-go bike repair. Stop by any of the locations below if you’re ever in need of an air pump or wrench!:

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Dero Fixit Stations

Integrating a bike stand, air pump and all the necessary bike tools, Dero’s Fixit station is an incredible, all in one resource for bike repair.  We’re seeing these stations pop up all over town: in Oakland, Larimer, East Liberty, Downtown and Lawrenceville.  Businesses are responding to a growing number of people riding bikes, and realizing that offering bike repair is a great way to help bikers, encourage biking to work, and catch the attention of potential customers! (#BikesMeanBusiness!). See the map below to find where you can use one. Companies like Dero & Saris also sell a number of other public bike maintenance options that I’m sure you’ll see in Pittsburgh before too long.


Dero Fixit Station [photo credit to]

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Other DIY Options for Bike Maintenance

If you’re ready to try your own hand at tuning up your bike, or you get stuck mid-ride with a flat tire, there are also a number of other places where you can rely on for salvation. The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office, Kraynicks Bike Shop and FreeRide all open their doors to bike riders in need. They won’t fix your bike, but they’ll gladly help you with doing it yourself! Bike Friendly Establishments like this contribute to the incredible community that biking has in Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh is a Bike Friendly Community

Because of these options, and a whole host of other reasons (infrastructure, enforcement, investment, leadership, etc.), our city is currently rated a “Bronze-level” Bike Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists.  Pittsburgh will be renewing our Bike Friendly Community application in 2014.  This rating will bring us national attention, and guide our elected officials with initiating further bike friendly developments.  If seeing a bike friendlier Pittsburgh is important to you, you can always reach out to your council person and tell them that you’d like to see them endorse efforts to make Pittsburgh a safer place to bike and walk!

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