PG: Peduto: Pittsburgh to have a dedicated Downtown bike lane by September


With Pittsburgh being awarded participation in the Green Lane Project, the City can now explore these types of protected bike lanes

By Mark Belko / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Downtown may have its first truly dedicated lane for bicyclists by the end of the summer.

Mayor Bill Peduto said this morning at the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership’s annual meeting that he is hoping to have the lane in place before the start of the Pro Bike Pro Walk Pro Place conference in September.

The dedicated lane, which will be separated by a physical barrier from traffic, will be one of two the city is planning in Pittsburgh as part of a pilot program.

Mr. Peduto said the Downtown lane will be installed as part of a comprehensive overview of traffic Downtown to be conducted in conjunction with the partnership.

“We want to use the bike summit that’s coming to Pittsburgh as really a launch off for looking at the option of creating a complete streets model for Downtown Pittsburgh,” he said. “What that means is that the streets are designed for everyone — for motorists, buses and public transit, for bicyclists and for pedestrians.”

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