Lead a Bike Train on Bike to Work Day

Show off your route to work by leading a group of commuters on Bike to Work Day, May 16th

bike trainBelieve it or not, May is just around the corner, and with it Bike to Work Day! Every year this holiday (yes I’ll call it a holiday) gives people a chance to try commuting to work by bicycle and learn that, “Hey, biking to work isn’t that hard after all!”.  Each year BikePGH fuels their ride at morning pop-up Commuter Cafés with free snacks, coffee, good cheer and other goodies to start riders’ days with a smile.

For 2014 BikePGH was inspired by the enthusiastic folks from LA Bike Trains. A Bike Train is a group bike ride to work – kind of like a car pool – but like a train the group’s ride is “slow and steady”.  No one is left behind on a hill or at a light. LA Bike Trains’ concept is incredible, and its right in line with BikePGH’s mission: make riding a bike more safe and accessible, and build a vibrant community in the process.

So lets see if we can make it happen in Pittsburgh.

If you’re interested in being a bike train conductor, taking some potentially beginner bike riders along on your May 16th commute to work, sign your commute up as one of the community bike pools sign up by filling out this form below. Pick a central location for the start up and finish, like a park, business, or neighborhood landmark.

When filling out the form we ask that you include a little bit of information about your ride (when/if you’ll be stopping, why you take the route, how the route has changed with experience, what are some highlights to the ride: points of interest, good views, quick coffee places, etc, etc, etc). You can share whatever you want.

Keep in mind there will be 5 morning Commuter Cafés that will have free food and coffee (Market Square, PNC Park, South Side Works, Friendship Park, Schenley Plaza). You can choose to stop there or not. Try to give an accurate estimate as to length of the ride, including any stops for food, coffee or photo ops.

I’m looking forward to 5/16. Its always a fun day to be out riding a bike.

Billboard slide.editOur Drive With Care Indiegogo campaign still has $20,000 to raise in 7 days! With your help we can make it.  Please consider donating to make sure this message gets sent loud and clear to people on the other side of the windshield, “Bike riders are your friends, family, and neighbors. Please Drive With Care.”

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