National Bike Challenge Pedal for Pints Policy

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Cash in on your National Bike Challenge Miles

After 10 days of National Bike Challenge competition, Pittsburgh has registered 740 riders and pedaled over 24,268 miles! Good news is, we’re beating CLE for points, bad news is, they’re beating us for riders registered!

Clearly PGH riders forgot that they can use the National Bike Challenge to get free drinks at Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe in the Southside!

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 7.56.18 PMWe should have thousands of riders registered! The program is called Pedal for Pints and it’s free to participate as long as you’re registered for the National Bike Challenge. Pick up a card at OTB or any of the bike shops around town. You’ll be rewarded with one free beer or soda for every medal you earn in the challenge; thats 5 over the challenge season; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond!

Now here’s the nitty gritty:

1. Legallets get it out of the way, because we’re all trying to be safe and stay out of trouble.

a. To comply with the PA Liquor Control Board: Riders may redeem only one medal for one free beer or soda per visit, free drinks must be redeemed before midnight, and free beers will be 12oz.
b. To comply with common sense, don’t drink and drive or dink and ride.

2. Logisticalthis is a pretty sweet deal, so lets make sure things run smoothly at OTB.

a. Riders must have their name written on the top of their card.
b. To redeem a medal for a free drink, riders must be ready to present points and Pedal for Pints card immediately. Points can be presented on a phone, or OTB has a tablet to use. Please don’t make the bartender, other patrons, or your free drink wait for your smartphone.
c. No card, no beer.
d. Medals may only be redeemed for East End Pedal Pale Ale, Dales Pale Ale, or soda.
e. Medals may not be redeemed during special events, i.e. Underwear Ride, etc.
f. You will be assigned a number on your card so OTB can find you faster on the list. Do not lose your card. Record your number in your phone in case a new card is needed.

3. Good Karma

a. Please be kind and patient.
b. Please tip bartenders for their service and for coordinating a program that gets you free drinks!
c. And again, please don’t drink to excess if you’re driving or riding.

BOTB_PIT_CLE_380Join the National Bike Challenge today and pedal for Pittsburgh. Ride solo, with a team, or with your workplace. Challenge other teams and workplaces. See how you stand against other riders locally, state-wide, and nationally. The National Bike Challenge is a free, fun, friendly competition that runs from May 1 to Sept. 30.


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