Biking Around in Your Gutchies: The Underwear Ride


Pittsburgh Underwear Ride Attracted 400+ Riders in May

Biking in one’s skivvies has become a regularly scheduled event thanks to the Pittsburgh Underwear Bike Ride. Now in its fourth year, hundreds gather on the last Thursday of every month to celebrate life in all of its ridiculousness by riding in their underwear. The Undie Ride has been an important addition to the set of biking events Pittsburgh has to offer.

Not convinced? The Underwear Bike Ride received a prominent mention in Pittsburgh’s blurb within Bicycling Magazine’s 2014 article on America’s top 50 bike-friendly cities. The ‘Burgh was ranked 21st – jumping 12 spots from 2012.

Furthermore, the event exposes new people to the joys of riding. Many participants have had their bikes tuned up, or have bought bicycles specifically to be a part of this offbeat gathering. Stripped down, the well organized and slow-paced, Underwear Bike Ride is just another great way to showcase how fun it is to bike in Pittsburgh.

We caught up with Virginia, the ride’s organizer, to have her tell us a little more about it.

How did it all start?
A friend of mine in Milwaukee had been doing an underwear ride for two years and I really loved it. When I moved to Pittsburgh in 2012, I didn’t know anyone in the city so I decided to organize this ride to meet people. I also couldn’t imagine going a whole summer without riding my bike in my underwear with a huge group of people.

Plus, the ride helps boost the cycling community in a unique way. By putting people in a more vulnerable state, everyone is more apt to make new connections.

What is the most rewarding part of leading the Underwear Bike Ride?
Seeing the diversity of the people who come out for the ride. Weekend warriors, hipster bike punks, and people who rarely ride have borrowed bikes to participate in the ride every month.

What were some unexpected results of brining the Underwear Bike Ride to Pittsburgh?
Having 450 people show up on the first ride this year was pretty unexpected.

How can folks get involved?
Volunteers are always needed the day of the ride. You can contact us through the Facebook page.

Anything else you want to add?
I want to offer a sincere thanks to everyone who has participated in the ride and helped out in previous rides!

The next Underwear Bike Ride is Thursday, June 25 at 8:00pm. Check out other biking events in our Cycling Events Calendar.

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