GBA’s Dream(y) Bike Room


gba dream bike room before after

The Green Building Alliance’s new bike room transformation is oh so dreamy

Way back in 2014, the bike rack company Dero decided that they’d make some dreams come true. So they put together their Dero Dream Bike Room contest, offering $8,000 in bike racks and paint to the non-profit organization with the biggest bike dream. The contest launched nationally and when the dust settled it just so happened that Pittsburgh’s-own Green Building Alliance could dream bikes biggest.

For the next few months, BikePGH worked with GBA and the bike room design consultants at Dero to plan out an amazing alternative life to an underused storage closet on the organization’s first floor. GBA then rolled up their sleeves and got to work. They moved all the junk out of the room, gave it a good floor to ceiling scrub, and put a few coats of paint on the floors and walls.

Not long after a big truck rolled up and dropped off…..

Quite an order.

They then called over a few of their friends at BikePGH, Pittsburgh Bike Share, and Fukui Architects to indulge in a few beers and some powertool work:



and before long…. the Green Building Alliance Dream Bike Room was born! (<– check out that link for pictures).

23133581059_f18beb1011_z (1)


And there ya’ have it. From drab to fab. A dingy closet turned into a first-class amenity that will encourage the 300 people who work in their building to try biking to work.

Culture change is all about removing barriers. Its incremental. And investments like this push the needle in the right direction because they show that bikes are deserving of attractive, easy-to-use facilities.

Give us a shout to talk about bike parking. We’d love to help bring the next designer bike room to your corner of the ‘Burgh.

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