Pedal with Your Kids: Join Us at the Family Try-A-Bike


The Many Perks of Biking with Your Little Ones

By Duo Wang, Women & Biking intern & Ngani Ndimbie, communications manager

Whether your kids can or cannot pedal, you can certainly enjoy happy family hours with them on bikes.


  • Riding a bike is wonderful for children’s health, fitness, and development.
  • Spending time together in the fresh air on bikes is (practically) free and fun.
  • Cycling can help kids get to know their local area and feel part of their neighborhood.
  • Riding with your kids can build a lifelong hobby and precious family memories.

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However, you may run into some questions and concerns when you start cycling with your kids.


  • Having difficulty in getting your kids started riding a bike?
  • Have no idea how to choose a suitable bike and child-carrying equipment for your kid?
  • Wondering where to bike with your family?
  • Not sure whether your family is properly dressed and prepared for the elements?

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Come to the Family Try-A-Bike

Co-Hosted By Bike Pittsburgh Spinnsters and 412 Flock!

12:00pm-3:00pm, Saturday, May 21st, 2016

Point State Park during the Venture Outdoors Festival

Family Try-A-Bike will involve volunteers and bike shops presenting different bikes and child-carrying equipment for people to test and discuss. You’ll leave with a better idea of what will work for you and your family.

Bring your kids and get ready to ride together, enjoying a full season of fun.

We need volunteers for the Family Try-A-Bike. If you are interested in sharing your tips of riding with kids, feel free to contact us. Bring your knowledge and kid-carrying bikes down to the Point for a fun afternoon.

If you are able to bring your bike(s) as a volunteer, please contact or 412-325-4334.

Hope to see you on May 21st for Family Try-A-Bike.

Join us at the Women & Biking Forum on Saturday, April 2nd! Hosted by BikePGH’s Spinnsters, this forum aims to inspire women to incorporate biking into their lives in the way that fits best for them, and develop strategies to break down the barriers to bicycling that specifically affect women. Women and trans* identified people welcome to this day of workshops, keynote speakers, luncheon and more!


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