Join us this Friday, June 17th, for our first #LunchLoop event!

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Looking for something fun & active to do during your lunch break?

If you’re tired of sitting at your desk and want something different to do during your lunchtime routine, come participate in our first #LunchLoop event series this Friday, June 17th! Co-presented by Riverlife and Healthy Ride.

The Lunch Loop will feature a 25-30 minute bike ride, starting and ending in Market Square and traveling throughout Pittsburgh’s bike lanes and river-front trails.  The philosophy of the event is no sweat, no stress!  The loop is something that both avid cyclists and first time riders can participate in without it being a serious workout (unless you want it to be).  So you don’t have to worry about going back to work tired and sweaty.  After the ride participants will get the chance to enjoy some good food in Market Square, and will even earn themselves a free side of fries or kimchi complements of Franktuary!

No bike? No problem! Healthy Ride will be available to rent for $2/half hour — just be sure to register for an account before hand.

You may also want to think about bringing or wearing things like a pair of shoes that you can bike in, your helmet, a change of clothes (if you don’t want to bike in your work clothes), a water-bottle, and your sunscreen, sunglasses, and rain jacket (just in case).

Don’t forget to register for the #LunchLoop and check out the event’s Facebook pageWe hope to see you there.  And no worries — if you can’t make it there will be two more #LunchLoop events in July and August.  If you like it enough you can even incorporate the #LunchLoop route into your daily routine!


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