Complete Streets Ordinance Heading to Council on Monday

Signing of the declaration at the 2014 Members’ Meeting

On Monday, City Council to preliminarily vote on Mayor’s Complete Streets Ordinance

At our 2014 Members’ Meeting, we launched our “Big Picture” campaign, part of which outlined our goal of a strong Complete Streets Policy for the City of Pittsburgh.

As luck  would have it, the Complete Streets Ordinance is set to go to Council for preliminary vote exactly two years later, on the same day as this year’s Members’ Meeting.

Back in July, the City Planning Commission unanimously approved the Mayor’s Complete Streets Ordinance, and recommended that Council approve the policy. This follows on Mayor Peduto’s April 2015 Complete Streets Executive Order.

This policy will help “develop a safe and accessible multimodal transportation system that will promote enhanced mobility for all users, regardless of mode of travel, including people of all ages and abilities.”

This simple vision will require those who are making decisions about our transportation network to prove why they can’t accommodate all users, instead of the existing situation where we all need to prove why it is necessary. The default will be to design our roads for people of all ages and abilities.

You can review the Ordinance here.

In short, the policy will enshrine the concepts of Complete Streets into law. What that means is that whenever there is a new development, new road, street resurfacing, or street redesign, the policy will kick in and require that the new design accommodates all users, with exception.

If you agree with the Ordinance, feel free to contact your City Council Person to express this support.

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