2016 Best of the Message Board


We rounded up the best of the message board, reviewing the topics that matter to bicyclists in the ‘burgh. Here are the most popular threads from 2016, just in case you missed them!

2016 Major Rides List

“I’m compiling a list of the major rides I might want to do throughout the year. Mostly I’m looking for nearby centuries and double metrics or other special events that I can plan my season around, rather than shorter weekly rides that clutter up the online calendars I’ve seen so far.”

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Danny Chew

“As a sign of that hope the family has for Mr. Chew’s situation, his brother, Tom, is organizing a tribute ride for Danny for friends and supporters.”

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Local News Stories

“New year, new list of articles from local media on cycling. Last year’s thread made it to 15 pages.”

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The Difference Between A Cross and Trail Bike

“[Cross bikes] are built for racing on groomed trails…trail bikes are a bit more relaxed and have a bit more travel, and are usually full suspension. They still climb well, but are also fun to play around on when hitting rocks and logs and going down.”

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The Out-Of-Town News Thread, Vol. II

“We have so many stories from out of town, so rather than have one thread for each, I thought I’d start one we can add to, every time we come across happenings from elsewhere.”

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Turtle Creak Rail Trail

“The Westmoreland Heritage Trail,and its extension westward from Export into Murrysville, Monroeville, Penn Township, and Trafford, is moving onto an ‘express line.'”

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Dangerous Drivers Thread, Vol. II

“Volume 2 of the Dangerous Drivers Thread, where you can share your pictures, stories, descriptions of dangerous drivers.”

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Bikes Stolen 2016

“Pittsburgh has been seeing a surge of bikes stolen lately, and we thought it deserved its own thread.When your bike is stolen, you should report it here and on the BikingPGH.com Wiki page.”

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Cyclist Hit on West Carson

“This is absolutely no safer for motor vehicles than it was before…They had every opportunity to reconfigure this road in a safer way, they disregarded every recommendation.”

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Anyone Taken a Bike on Megabus?

“I do know of people using a shrink wrap method to fly and bus it with bikes as “art”. Remove wheels, pedals, bar/stem and fork. Sandwich frame between wheels with the fork and other bits in there somewhere.”

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2017 BikeFest Advisory Committee

“Bike Pittsburgh is looking to form a 2017 BikeFest Advisory Committee. This broad coalition of people would be responsible for shaping and planning next year’s BikeFest.”

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