Video: How to fit your bicycle helmet

Helmet Check

A helmet needs to fit properly in order to provide the highest level of head protection. Don’t rush fitting a helmet. Make sure the fit is right for your head. Watch our video below for quick tips and use our step-by-step guide for detailed fitting methods.

Step-by-step Guide: How to fit your helmet

  1. Loosen the dial on the back of the helmet (if it has a dial).
  2. Put the helmet on and tighten the dial.
  3. Make sure the helmet is snug. Shake your head left to right, and up and down.
  4. Buckle the strap. Make sure only 1-2 fingers can fit between strap and your chin.
  5. Check to see if the strap fits around your ears.
  6. Check to see if your forehead is protected. There should be a maximum of two inches between your brow and the front of the helmet.

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  • sfabius says:

    I’m very glad to be able to share such a video with everyone, ill fitting helmets are a scourge! But, why the hat? Doesn’t a hat interfere with the proper functioning of the helmet? Can’t one remove it to wear the helmet then replace the hat when the helmet is no longer needed? It looks like the hat makes the helmet sit too far back on the head.

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