Basic Bike Check: How to do an ABC Quick Check Video

Before Your Next Bike Ride

Have you checked your bike since your last ride? When was the last time you had it in the shop? Regular bicycle maintenance can prevent accidents. Here is the “ABC Quick Check,” which you should do every time before you ride.

Step-by-step Guide: How to do an ABC Quick Check

A is for Air

  • First check the tires to make sure they have the right Air pressure. The proper air pressure known as PSI (pounds per square inch) is found on the side of the tire. Be sure to look for it in good light. It’s often in small print. Use a gauge to verify you have reached the recommended rate.
  • Check for damage to the tire sidewalls and/or tread.
  • Look to see that there are no cuts or signs of dry rot.

B is for Brakes

  • Next squeeze the Brake levers and push forward on the bike to make sure the brake pads firmly grip the rims.
  • If your brake levers come close to or touch the handlebar when braking they need to be adjusted. Look at the condition of the brake pads. Make sure they’re not worn out.
  • Give the wheels a spin to make sure the rims don’t rub against the brake pads.

C is for Chain

  • Third make sure the Chain moves smoothly up and down the chain ring and that it’s sufficiently lubricated and not rusty.

Quick is for Quick Release

  • After the ABC’s, look to see if you have Quick Release parts are securely closed.
  • Quick-release seat clamps need to be in the closed position. Check to be sure your seat is at the correct height.
  • Quick-release brakes should also be in the closed position.

Check is for a Quick Ride

  • Check is the final check, riding around the block, shifting the gears and testing your breaks.
  • If you feel that your bike is unsafe to ride, visit the professional mechanics at your local bike shop.

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