Partner with BikePGH to host an office Lunch Loop

Looking for something different to do during lunch break?

Want to incorporate a short team building activity into your work day? The Lunch Loop is a no sweat, no stress 25-30 minute bike ride along Pittsburgh’s bike lanes and river-front trails. We take it easy and aim for enjoyment. The Lunch Loop is something that both avid cyclists and first time riders can enjoy.

Company Lunch Loop:

BikePGH can bring a Lunch Loop to your office anytime from May to October. We can bring bikes and instructors for employees. Prices starting at $500. Check the link below to learn more about hosting a LunchLoop for your company, and reserve your day!

Register for Company Lunch Loop
What do participants think?

“Lunch Loop is a chance to step away from her Allegheny County desk job for some fresh air”
– Jeanette Jones, 53, Lunch Loop participant

“They may have never ridden a bike in years. They’re just out to socialize and have a little bit of fun, to get some sun and nature in their day.”
– Erin Potts, Healthy Ride Director of Marketing and Community Outreach.



What if I do not have bike?

No problem! Healthy Ride will be available to rent for $2/half hour — just be sure to register for an account beforehand.

Company Lunch Loops will include bikes free for up to 30 riders

What should I wear and bring?

You may want to think about bringing or wearing things like a pair of shoes that you can bike in, your helmet, a change of clothes (if you don’t want to bike in your work clothes), a water-bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a rain jacket (just in case).

Still have questions, or want to learn more? Shoot us an email!

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