Pitt’s New Human Powered Vehicle Club Headed to National Competition

Pitt Engineering Students Build Super-Bike to Compete Nationally

Founded in 2015 by Mechanical Engineering Student Abe Stucky, the Pitt Human Powered Vehicle Club is ready to make a national showing.  The team of 15 members will send their super-bike creation to the Human Powered Vehicle Competition in Cookeville, TN on April 21. They’ll be entering the super bike they’ve been building by hand for the last few months.

To those in the know, an HPVC Champion title gives you some serious street cred in the Mechanical Engineering scene. And even gets you some notoriety in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the group that hosts the competition.

Laser Mitering

Taking advantage of the 4th axis on the laser cutter to miter our tubes

Posted by Pitt Human Powered Vehicle Club on Wednesday, March 15, 2017


The Pitt Human Powered Vehicle Club plans will put the finishing touches on their super-bike this month, and it’ll be ready to take the gold come April 21. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for updates and to cheer them on.

Go Pitt!

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