Video: How to Use the 2-Stage Bike Turn Box

How to Use the 2-Stage Bike Turn Box

Making a left turn is often reported by cyclists to be one of the most challenging parts of city cycling. There are various strategies cyclists have used to turn safely, including: proper lane positioning and signaling and the installment and use of a 2-stage bike turn box aka the “Copenhagen Left.”

Pittsburgh has installed a new 2-stage bike turn box at East Liberty Blvd and Highland Ave. East Liberty Blvd has a cycle track allowing cyclists to ride along in a single lane to the right of drivers. Watch our 60-second video to see how it’s done!

If a cyclist wants to turn left, it can be a challenge to merge into the left-lane to make that left turn. A green bike box is a designated space in front of cars where a cyclist can wait during a red light. Bicyclists can also make a left turn from the driving lane.

With the new bike box installment, cyclists have the option to make that turn in two steps. First you go forward across to the other side of the intersection. Then, you reorient yourself 90 degrees to go forward again safely.

A two stage left turn box offers cyclists a safer way to turn and helps create predictability for drivers.

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