First Peek: Bike Tour of Almono Redevelopment Site

First Peek: Bike Tour of Almono Redevelopment

Ever wonder what is going on with the construction along the riverfront? Want to learn more about the site construction and what it means for you as a Pittsburgh resident? Now you can! July 19th from 5-7pm, join BikePGH, the Green Building Alliance.

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Newly paved street & protected bike lane at Almono

About the Tour

The tour will include five stops to give an in-depth look at some different aspect’s of the site’s development:

Site Work & Stormwater. Now with Act II clearance, environmental clean-up of the site over the past 15 years was no different from the many riverfront brownfield sites in the region. However, the environmental clean-up was completed in conjunction with the first road on-site, as well as the design and building of the site’s stormwater management infrastructure. Additionally, this road was designed as the city’s first newly designed complete street. This tour stop will focus on the groundwork undertaken to get the site to where it is today, and ready for future development.

Public Realm. The idea of public realm on the site is intended to include a variety of things: the 1.2 miles of riverfront, the Mill Plaza, the pedestrian and cyclists connections, and everything else “between the buildings.” Accessibility and inclusivity are key components of the site’s public realm strategy. This tour stop will talk about the public realm vision for the site, how it can be amenity for the neighborhood, as well as a part of the larger city and regional park system.

Trails & Connectivity. Though Second Avenue and railroads currently create barriers to the site’s connectivity and accessibility, the site is perfectly positioned to act as a confluence for Hazelwood, South Side, Oakland, Four Mile Run, and Greenfield. This tour stop will highlight some of these key linkages and how the site could tie to the Eliza Furnace trail, the Great Allegheny Passage, the South Side Riverfront Trail, and Junction Hollow.

Mill 19. One of two legacy buildings on the site, this will be the first to be developed. Plans and design for the building aim to emphasize the building’s heritage while providing space for a completely new and different industry: automation. This tour stop will focus on the building’s design and role in the site’s redevelopment, as well as its energy goals.

Pumphouse. This remnant of river infrastructure has sparked lot of great and intriguing ideas. Currently one of the few places to access the water, this is easily one of the most inspiring places on the site. This tour stop is meant to generative creative thinking for alternative reuse of the riverfront and ignite the imagination as to how we engage with the water.

Discount for BikePGH Members

BikePGH members be able to register at the “GBA Member” ticket price of $40. Non-member registration price is $60.

Want to tour by bicycle but don’t own a bike? BikePGH members can rent a bike and get access to the tour and tour guides for only $20! Note to those who wish to use a Healthy Rides must be at least 16 years old.

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