BikeFest 2017: Week 1

August 10-13

For the uninitiated, BikeFest is our annual celebration of all-things-bicycling in Pittsburgh. Three weekend of Bicycle Themed Fun with bike-themed rides & events organized by local people like you.

This year BikeFest is three weeks long, and we’ll be posting one blog per week highlighting a few events for each day. For a full listing of events, you can always check out the BikeFest Events Calendar here.

Thursday, August 10th

BikePGH + Grist House Beer Release

Date: Thursday, August 10th at the Grist House
Time: 5PM to 10PM
Location: The Grist House, 10 E Sherman St, Pittsburgh, PA

As a pre-kickoff to BikeFest, Bike Pittsburgh and Grist House are coming together in a mix of hops and spokes to produce a limited edition beer for BikePGH’s 15th anniversary.

$1 from each beer sale will go directly towards funding BikePGH to help create safe streets for people biking and walking. Join us for the first taste of our Outspoken Unfiltered Session Ale at the release party.

Saturday, August 12th

Wheel Mill’s BikeFest Kickoff Party

Date: Saturday, August 12th
Time: 6:00pm
Location: The Wheel Mill, 6815 Hamilton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15208

The Wheel Mill is hosting the kickoff party for this year’s BikeFest rides and celebrations. This is a party…no biking necessary! That said, The Wheel Mill is a super fun indoor bike park where you can practice your mountain biking or BMX skills, so feel free to bring your bike or rent one.

Type of Ride: Indoor, social, no bikes necessary
Duration: 3 hours
Level: n/a
Ride Host & Contact: The Wheel Mill, 412-362-3693


Bike Around The Bomb

Date: Saturday, August 12th
Time: 9:00am
Location: Schenley Plaza in Oakland, 4100 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

72 years ago this August, the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. To remember this destructive act, we will ride a circumference of 13 miles around the city of Pittsburgh to represent the blast radius of a small nuclear weapon. Includes a brief pre-ride gathering, a midpoint stop, and an optional group lunch in Schenley Plaza after the ride (lunch not provided).

Type of Ride: Road/Urban, some small sections of unpaved trail
Duration: 2-3 hours
Level: Intermediate (10-25 miles)
Ride Host & Contact: Connor Hestdalen,

Arriviste Coffee Ride

Date: Saturday, August 12th
Time: 8:30am
Location: Arriviste Coffee Bar 5730 Ellsworth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232.

Join the Arriviste Coffee Bar crew for a social but challenging road ride from the shop in Shadyside to one of the prettiest parks in the city, Riverview Park in Observatory Hill. We’ll loop back through the Jail Trail, take the Three Rivers Heritage Trail to Millvale, cross back into Lawrenceville, then finally climb up through Allegheny Cemetery back to Shadyside. We’ll provide drip coffee at the shop pre- and post-ride. Riders will also get discounts on other coffee drinks and food. Pace will be solid but conversational, 15-18mph when cruising, climb as fast or as slow as you feel like it. If you ride with other clubs, think of this is a “C” ride. This will be a no-drop ride and we’ll wait for others at the top of climbs. This is NOT a training ride. Please come with the mindset of just hanging out and getting to know other people. Helmets are required. Feel free to use any kind of bike you would like but your bike must have brakes and no please no fixies. The route may include sections of unpaved light gravel. Please bring your own fluids and nutrition.

To keep the group manageable, we will limit the ride to the first 15 registrants.

Type of Ride: Road/Urban
Duration: 1.5-2 hours, start from Shadyside, up to Riverview Park; return route to Shadyside
Level: Intermediate to Advanced, 20-30 miles, no-drop but self-supported
Ride Host & Contact: ARRIVISTE Coffee bar, Kim Lopez,

The Every Pittsburgh Neighborhood Ride

Date: Saturday, August 12th
Time: 8:00am
Location: Doughboy Square at 34th & Penn & Butler Streets

This is a road ride of around 72 miles which touches all 90 City of Pittsburgh neighborhoods (as well as a few suburbs). It’s not “every neighborhood that can be reached without too much climbing” or “every neighborhood where there are yuppies, coffee shops and yoga studios,” rather it is EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD. Be advised that the course involves between 5,500 and 7,000 feet of climbing, depending on whose GPS you believe, and is not an easy ride.

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We will probably have three (3) ride leaders and three (3) groups, which will essentially be the “fast” group, the “intermediate” group and the “slow” group. “Fast” does not mean “your private training ride,” so if you are the kind of person who tries to turn someone else’s group ride into a training ride, please do that on some other ride, or better yet, just enter a race.

Given the distance and hills it is NOT a “no drop” ride. In other words, we won’t be jerks about it, but we cannot and will not babysit riders who are out of their league and get dropped repeatedly. For riders who wish to cruise along at their own pace, that is all well and good. Cue sheets will be distributed at the start, but you are otherwise on your own.

There are some serious descents; a properly functioning bike with good brakes is needed.

The ride will obey all laws and traffic devices. Helmets are required. Other than a serious all-day storm, rain does NOT cancel the ride. Riders participate AT THEIR OWN RISK and are solely responsible for their own safety, and acknowledge as much through their participation. The aide stations will be stocked with food, but bring money for the bus if you bonk or have a mechanical problem, and bring enough tubes for a few flats. Again, please note the considerable climbing and pack light!

To attend, please send an email to Jacob McCrea at There is no entry fee, no social or political causes, and we are not asking for a donation, but if you would like to bring food or drinks, or give something to BikePGH in our names, that would be appreciated. Email me to discuss bringing food or drinks, if inclined.

Type of Ride: Road
Duration: Anticipate a long day on the bike and plan accordingly
Level: Advanced, challenging, self-supported
Ride Host & Contact: Jacob McCrea,

Sunday August 13th

Will & Ted’s ExcelBogusVenture Part III

Date: Sunday, August 13th
Time: 5:00pm
Location: Frick Park Tennis Courts, 800 S Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15221

Ride some of Frick Park’s greatest trails with your hosts Will and Ted then decamp to D’s for snacks and beverages. Be advised Frick Park trails feature steep terrain and obstacles. Ride recommended for intermediate to advanced riders. Helmet, water, and functioning mountain bike required. Don’t forget money for D’s! Steady rain during or before ride may cancel–we will announce beforehand. We ride dirt not slop.

Type of Ride: Mountain (single track)
Duration: 2-3 hours
Ride Host & Contact: Wild StallYinz, Ted King-Smith,

Rough Diamond Century Ride

Date: Sunday, August 13th
Southside Riverfront Park under Birmingham Bridge

This year’s Rough Diamond Fundraiser Ride includes the traditional, mixed surface Rough Diamond Century (100 mile) route connecting the Rough Diamond trail network, and new this year we are offering a 25 mile trail ride along the Westmoreland Heritage and West Penn Trails. Both of these Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen rides include rest stops stocked with snacks, energy drinks, and water. SAG support will be provided by the generous folks at Thick Bikes Southside Pittsburgh bike shop.

There will be a fee of $50 this year for the century Ride and $35 for the trail only option, which will include one year membership to the WPW. Proceeds of the event will go towards the development of the Turtle Creek Extension of the Westmoreland Heritage Trail, along the Rough Diamond Trail network.

If you would like to volunteer to help out with one of the rest stops, please email me at

Type of Ride: 80% Road, 20% Trail
Duration: 3+ hours
Advanced, challenging route, self-supported
Ride Host & Contact: Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen (WPW), Dave Lusher, RSVP Here

Highland Park Spin N’ Splash

Date: Sunday, August 13th
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Highland Park near the swimming pool, 151 Lake Dr, Pittsburgh PA 15206

Join us for an easy 8-mile spin around Highland Park and Morningside, then cool off with a dip in Highland Park Swimming Pool! This will be a no-drop road ride suitable for all skill levels (including kids). We’ll take a loop around the Highland Park reservoir, then cruise through Highland Park and Morningside neighborhoods, before heading back to the park for a refreshing swim. The ride does include some hills, but we’ll take them at an easy pace. Non-swimmers are also welcome to ride, and there are great picnic spots near the pool. Entry to the pool is $5 (bring cash).

Type of Ride: Road
Duration: 1-2 hours
Beginner, easy pace
Ride Host & Contact: Heather McCracken,


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