Bike Parking: Easier and Less Expensive than Ever Before

Looking to brighten up your storefront with bike parking?

BikePGH can help! For only $250, BikePGH wants to hook your Business up with Bike Parking — Permits, Procurement, and Installation Included.

The processes around getting a bike rack installed can be confusing if you have never done so before. That’s exactly why BikePGH offers a no-sweat solution for local businesses. For only $250 for the first rack and $200 for each additional rack, our staff will take care of every aspect of bike rack installation — permit, procurement, and installation included. What’s even better is that the racks BikePGH installs are Dero Hoops Racks, an approved rack standard by the City of Pittsburgh due to superior quality. The entire process typically takes around 1-month to complete.

Contact us at or call (412)-325-4334 to get the operation started.

For those who would prefer to complete the bike rack permit and installation themselves, we recommend reviewing the Planning Department’s Bike Parking Webpage. On this page you can find permits, bike parking guides, and bike parking information for developers. At the BikePGH office we sell Dero Hoop Racks for $125/ea.

Have any additional questions? Shoot us an email at


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