Upcoming Events on Four Mile Run Green Infrastructure Plan and Proposed Changes

Give feedback on the proposed changes to Junction Hollow and Schenley Drive

For several years, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy (PPC) has been working on an ambitious green infrastructure plan to help manage the stormwater that ends up in Four Mile Run. Since much of this water needs to travel through Schenley Park, it only makes sense to install interventions within the park to help prevent the frequent flooding of the Greenfield neighborhood, minimize combined sewer overflows, and improve the ecology. There are various tools in the toolbox toward this end, ranging from daylighting former streams to the redesigning of streets in order to maximize water absorption.

The PPC will be holding a pair of walking events, culminating in a review meeting to collect your thoughts about these proposed changes. Most significant to people on bike and on foot include a redesign of Schenley Drive as well as a reroute of the Junction Hollow Trail. Schenley Drive is a popular bicycling connection between Oakland and Squirrel Hill. The Junction Hollow Trail is also a major connector between Oakland and the Eliza Furnace Trail, connecting to the South Side and Downtown.

As this project could significantly alter streets and trails, we are asking that any new design maintains or improves the bicycling experience on Schenley Drive, as well as maintains the Junction Hollow Trail during construction.

From the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy:

Please join us as we dive into designs for green infrastructure in Schenley Park intended to decrease flooding in the Run, minimize combined sewer overflows, and improve the ecology of the Four Mile Run watershed.

Our consultants, landscape architects Phronesis and team, have been hard at work refining the initial concept plan through on-the-ground technical surveys and cost analysis. Now we need your input to move to the next stage. Join us to explore the site and discuss possibilities! Walks will take place rain or shine, so be sure to wear sturdy shoes and weather-appropriate clothing. A multi-community meeting to review and refine this feedback will follow these walks. Learn more by visiting the website. Registration is required for these free events. Click here to register online. Or by phone: 412-682-7275


Review Meeting (RSVP)
Wednesday, September 20
6-8pm at St Hohn Chrysostom
506 Saline St, 15207

Past events:

Panther Hollow Walk
Wednesday, August 16
6-8pm from Schenley Park Visitors Center
101 Panther Hollow Rd
Light snacks and refreshments will be available.
*This somewhat rigorus walk will include descending and climbing some steep paths

Junction Hollow Walk
Wednesday, September 6
6-8pm from Big Jim’s
201 Saline St, 15207

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