You can now access Healthy Ride with your ConnectCard

ConnectCard users now receive unlimited 15-minute free rides on Bike Share

In a bold move, Pittsburgh became the first US City to offer free bike share rides for transit users. Healthy Ride and the Allegheny County Port Authority have partnered to offer this service and help make the needed connection between public transit and bike share.

Bike Share, which is also a form of public transit, can help transit riders shorten their time between their origin or destination and the bus stop, offering a practical solution to the “first mile, last mile” problem, the holy grail of transit.

Bus stops aren’t always close to your origin or destination, so having the option to seamlessly take a public bicycle can shorten travel times, or even open up new transit options.

How to link your connectcard

To use the system riders must first connect their ConnectCard using any of the fifty Healthy Ride kiosks in town. After the first ride users can simply tap their ConnectCard on the back of any Healthy Ride bike they wish to rent.

If you go over your 15-min ride, you will need to connect a method of payment to your Healthy Ride account, and be automatically enrolled in their basic “Pay as you go” pricing model, or $2 per 30 minutes.

Riders will not need to link a method of payment to their account until they exceed their 15-minute ride time. While the ConnectCard provides a gateway to both services, Healthy Ride and ConnectCard customer accounts will remain separate. The two systems share the same smart card technology, which allows for this dual use.

For more info, check out the Healthy Ride website.

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