Independent Outdoor Co. to Open in Pittsburgh


3 Rivers, 3 Words: Connect, Promote, Advocate

3 Rivers Outdoor Company is soon to be Pittsburgh’s only locally-owned shop that provides new and used equipment for hiking, biking, kayaking, and more.

Founders Chris Kaminski and Christine Iksic first tested their business concept with Gear Fest, a local pop-up market for used outdoor equipment. Outdoor equipment can be expensive, and reselling it provides lower cost options for those who are just getting started in new activities. Besides offering great deals on used gear, Gear Fest provides a space for outdoor enthusiasts to come together and share their stories.

Kaminski and Iksic plan to grow that sense of community with weekly outings, movie screenings and more when they open their retail location. The two know that there is much to do outside, and they want to spread the word about the many places to bike, hike, and paddle in Pittsburgh.

3ROC also believes in supporting other organizations that help people get outside, which is why they donate 1% of all used gear sales to the local non-profit First Waves. First Waves provides hands-on education in standup paddle boarding, filmmaking, and digital media for under-served youth.

Kaminski and Iksic know that there is plenty to explore here in Pittsburgh, and with 3 Rivers Outdoor Co. they hope to make the outdoor more accessible to all. To learn more about their future adventures, visit them at gearfestpgh.comFacebook and Instagram.

BikePGH has been pleased to work with 3ROC as they have supported events like OpenStreetsPGH and PedalPGH.


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