You can shape the future of our streets

When you give to BikePGH you support your Pittsburgh neighbors

BikePGH is fundraising to continue working towards our vision of safe and accessible streets with a goal of reaching $30,000 by December 31stContribute today!

Neighbors like Dan depend on BikePGH’s free resources like the Pittsburgh Bike Map to find safe routes to commute to work.

“I feel more connected to the city on two wheels. Biking provides affordable transportation that gives me a way to stay healthy. ”
– Dan Bednarczyk, Member

Help fund the 7th Edition of the Bike Map

Your contribution enables after-school cycling instructors like DeVaughn to lead programs for underserved youth that foster their strength and independence.

“Being a black male who’s from their community, I’m proud to be a youth instructor, providing safe cycling knowledge. That’s something I didn’t have growing up.”
– DeVaughn Rodgers, Education Program Coordinator

Contribute towards our education programs

Donors like you expand opportunities for women and femmes of all backgrounds to incorporate bicycling into their lives.

“For me, biking is a lot about undoing the lessons of ‘girl training.’ You’re always worried about other people and trying to be out of the way. On a bike, I’m doing the opposite. I’m looking out for my safety and owning my part of the road.”
– Carrie Tippen, Sustaining Monthly Member & League Certified Instructor

Donate to help grow our Women & Biking program

I ask you to support your streets with a gift to BikePGH–a powerful investment in growing our cycling community.

Scott Bricker
Executive Director

PS. Your gift will doubled thanks to a $10,000 match by donor Lynsie Campbell, CEO of LaneSpotter. Make your contribution today.

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