Global Wordsmiths Announces Partnership with BikePGH

BikePGH Resources to be translated in to Spanish, Arabic, French, Chinese, Bengali, and possibly more languages

In January of 2018, Bike Pittsburgh’s partnership with Global Wordsmiths will begin under The Language Access Project. Global Wordsmiths is a women-owned social enterprise business in Pittsburgh, PA that offers numerous translation and interpretation services in over thirty languages. This partnership will provide both BikePGH the opportunity to share our resources in multiple languages while providing students a professional opportunity to use their linguistic skills.

The Language Access Project will open doors for BikePGH, aiding the organization in connecting with more communities to provide important educational and safety information to expand access to transportation options for immigrant and refugee people and families. BikePGH strives to make our resources both visually and verbally accessible. Through translation we hope to expand that accessibility to lower barriers to bicycling in Pittsburgh.

Global Wordsmiths will provide BikePGH with people who are fluent in the Spanish, Arabic, French, Chinese, and Bengali languages. These linguists will work with BikePGH staff to learn about our advocacy, community, and education work, and translate core educational resources and web pages into five languages.

Transportation justice is central to Bike Pittsburgh’s mission, and transportation is one of the major challenges experienced by immigrants and refugees. We hope to expand transportation options by making our resources more accessible through translation with the aim of connecting people to jobs, healthcare, education, and other basic needs.

We look forward to our journey with Global Wordsmiths and look forward to sharing these translated resources with you in the future.

In the meantime, please follow Global Wordsmiths on Facebook! They are doing great work and would love to keep you informed.

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