Claim your streets: A letter from Scott Bricker, Executive Director

Dear Supporter,

With your help we can redefine our streets as public spaces meant to enhance everyone’s quality of life. That’s why I’m asking for your support to keep BikePGH’s advocacy projects moving forward.

When Bike Pittsburgh was founded in 2002, protected bike lanes seemed like a fantasy. Fifteen years later, channeling voices of advocates like you, our streets are transforming.

You and I share the vision in which our streets belong to everyone who use them.

They belong to people walking home from the grocery store. They belong to kids who on their way to school. They belong to Pittsburgh’s growing community of people riding bikes to access the city. And everyone using our streets deserves to be safe.

This is your last chance in 2017 to contribute to safe streets for you and your family.

Advocates like you inspired projects like the new Negley Avenue bike lanes and Pittsburgh’s first contraflow protected bike lane on Forbes Avenue in Oakland. Your generosity makes a big difference in our beloved city. Please give today.


Scott Bricker
Executive Director


PS. As this year comes to a close, we’re looking ahead to achieving big wins in 2018 with your support. Your donation will be matched by member Lynsie Campbell, CEO of LaneSpotter when you give today. I am hopeful that you will support this exciting movement for safe streets for all.


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