2018 Bike To Work Day In-Office Guide

Throw Your Own Bike to Work Day Event At The Office

Riding bikes enhances self-confidence, boosts brain-power, and increases happiness. Why not bring these benefits into your office with a company Bike to Work Day event? 

Bike to Work Day is an annual event to encourage all biking’s benefits in the workplace!  Pittsburghers have been celebrating this holiday on the third Friday of May. Below is a quick guide to help you host your own Bike to Work Day event at your office, with a space to request your FREE Bike to Work Day Promotion kit!

Each kit includes:

Pick up your kit at the BikePGH office during regular office hours: Monday – Friday / 9am-5pm. Reach out to business@bikepgh.org if there are any questions.

Steps for hosting a BTWD event

Follow these simple steps to host your own Bike to Work Day event.

  1. Planning 
      •  Assemble Your Committee: Find co-workers who can help execute the event – peers, upper/middle management, and other bikers in your workplace. Meet with them to gauge interest and brainstorm execution ideas. 
      •  Identify Helpful Education Resources: Use our Preparation Page to discover tips, tricks, and read up on biker’s rights. Utilize Pittsburgh’s Bike Maps and Guides to plan a safe and efficient route to the office. Check out our Resources segment on this guide!
      • Gain Buy-In From Upper Management/Decision Makers: Studies show that employees are more likely to participate in office events when higher-up staff participate or show enthusiasm themselves. 
  1. Promo 
      • Connect with BikePGH: Request your free Bike to Work Day PromoKit, distribute BikePGH’s Maps and Guides around the office, sign up for BikePGH’s Newsletter, and promote the benefits of a biking commute (Feel free to use our infographic at the bottom of this resource).
      • Get The Word Out: Hang posters (click here to download) in high traffic areas, mark BTWD on the inner office calendar, and send out email reminders or helpful resources. Visit bikepgh.org/btwd for more info!
      • Create Workplace Engagement: Start watercooler conversations around BTWD plans. Reach out and help co-workers find solutions to barriers that are causing them from participating. Schedule a bike repair and maintenance night Anytime and All The Time! 
      • Provide Educational and Outreach Opportunities: Schedule a Lunch and Learn or Lunch Loop with BikePGH. Circulate our educational videos on everything from what to wear and when to ride on the sidewalk. 
      • Attend City Cycling’s: Fundamental’s Course: Work with trained cycling instructors to practice and hone in on your biking skills at a friendly indoor environment: The Wheel Mill! Check it out here. May 14th @7pm
  1. Execution and Encouragement (May 18th)
      • Incentivize Participation: Provide allergy friendly breakfast or snacks. Giveaway bells, lights, water bottles, or other bike gear. Splurge on some really nice coffee for the office. Best to pick up at least one week prior 
      • Make it Fun: Decorate the office door or recruit employees unable to participate as a cheering squad. May 17th/18th
      • Collect Information: Help bikers everywhere by registering with the Bike Index and encourage participants to sign up for BikePGH’s email newsletter. May 18th

     4. Celebrate!

Keep the Momentum Going

Congratulations! Now that you’ve successfully shown employees the benefits of biking to work, use the Employee Engagement Asset to find other ways in which your office can become a supporter for bicycling and pedestrian advocacy through BikePGH.

More Resources

Contact business@bikepgh.org to learn more about how your business can get involved, or visit bikepgh.org/business

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