Five Reasons why you should Bike to the Farmers Market 6/16, 8/18, 10/20

Pedal to the Farmers Market this season

The Farmers Market not only provides the freshest produce including seasonal fruits and vegetables, there are farmers who sell meat, eggs, cheese, herbal medicines, fermented foods, and more! Not to mention some of Pittsburgh’s tastiest mobile eateries featuring healthy breakfast and lunch.

Five reasons to bike to the Farmers Market

  1. Buy Fresh, Buy Local…Bike Local! Driving to the Farmers Market ruins the vibe. Farmers Markets are all about building community and we all know that biking does that best.
  2. There is nothing sweeter than a bouquet of flowers or leafy greens peeking out of your bike basket.
  3. You will feel great. Biking is good for exercise and fresh food is good for the body–combined, they are good for your soul. Enjoy!
  4. Regular shopping by bike (and foot) prevents food waste, while shopping by car can mean over-purchasing. Why? You can only carry so much by bike, so by purchasing smaller quantities of food, you’re more likely to eat all of your greens.
  5. Farmers Markets really do have the freshest food. Did you know that farmers often harvest within a few days of selling at the market? That is fresh! Plus, the farmers know their food. If you want to know how to best use some of their produce, ask them for some recipe advice.

Join BikePGH for these special Bike to Market Days in 2018

This season, BikePGH is partnering with the Bloomfield Saturday Market and the Lawrenceville Farmers Market to host Bike to Market Day! Join BikePGH and our neighborhood markets on June 16th, August 18th, and October 20th.

Register your bike for free!

Get your photo taken with your bike in BikePGH’s I <3 My Bike Photo Booth. We’ll help you document all of the important details of your bicycle and put them in a safe place–The Bike Index–so you will have that information in case of bike theft…all for free!


Bike to Market Days will take place on Saturdays June 16, August 18, and October 20, but you may certainly ride your bike to the market any day.

Bloomfield Saturday Market
5050 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Saturdays from 9am – 1pm

Lawrenceville Farmer’s Market
Arsenal Park
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Saturdays from 1pm – 4pm


If you’re looking for tips on how to carry groceries home on your bike, watch this BikePGH how-to video. Baskets are especially great for carrying fruits and vegetables to prevent them from getting damaged while crammed into a bag.

It is recommended that you bring reusable produce bags to help farmers save the expense of bags and produce containers.



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