Now is the time to make streets safe for everyone

BikePGH believes that non-motorized mobility is a basic human right.

Pittsburgh neighbors like Mary depend on walking every day to get around their neighborhood. Recently, new building construction and autonomous vehicle testing has increased traffic in her community. Now, Mary is afraid to cross the street.

BikePGH is fundraising to continue working towards our vision of safe and accessible streets with a goal of reaching $50,000 by December 31st.

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A note from Mary:

I’ve had two neighbors hit by drivers while crossing 40th Street. And the drivers in both crashes left them there! They took off. It was terrible.

We have to make it safer for all pedestrians, we really do. Seniors, parents with babies in strollers, children, and people with disabilities…everyone should have the right to cross the street safely.

Join me in contributing to Bike Pittsburgh by donating to their year end giving campaign to continue this important work that we’re doing together.

Mary Moses
BikePGH Volunteer

Count me in! I want to Support Safe Streets today.

P.S. We only have until December 31 to raise $50,000 in order to unlock a $50,000 match by a generous individual.

Click here to support safe streets with a $10, $100, or $500 gift right now and have your donation doubled!

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