2018 BikePGH Business Award Winners

Meet BikePGH’s 2018 Award Winners

BikePGH had a lot to be Thankful for in 2018. On November 20, we had the chance to share a lot of that with our Business Members at our 4th annual Business Member Awards Meeting in the cozy upstairs lounge of Olive or Twist. The event brought together businesses from a variety of industries and neighborhoods around Pittsburgh, all of whom value the importance of making Pittsburgh streets safe for everyone.

Of the more than 100 businesses that continue to support our organization, four really stuck out as making great strides in the biking community. We were proud this year to present awards to the following organizations:

Business Member of the Year: Dollar Bank

Dollar Bank stepped up from 2017 to become our WMNBike presenting sponsor, underwriting the entirety of WMNBike Forum and WMNB coffee meet-ups and rides throughout the year. This is a unique level of support and really helped this growing community thrive in 2018.

New Business Member of the Year: UPS Mid-Atlantic District

In November 2017, UPS Returned to its bike messenger routes by debuting the first regular delivery route in the US that uses their specially engineered “Cargo Cruisers” right here in Pittsburgh. The battery operated motor assists the driver with getting up any Pittsburgh hill the terrain can muster. From their support of PedalPGH and their commitment to safety and to sustainability, we are excited about UPS’s eco-friendly improvements to traffic congestion.

Small Business Champion of the Year: Wahila Creative

With little more to go on than a couple of very basic photos and the concept, Derek and his team created our first OpenStreetsPGH website up and running. In 2018 Wahila Creative stepped up their game even more by developing whole new 2.0 of that website with improved the functionality and a refreshed look. Wahila Creative has been there to support BikePGH make OpenStreetsPGH into the cultural phenomenon that it has become.  

Industry Member of the Year: Thick Bikes

Thick Bikes has been our most consistent bike shop supporter from the very beginning. For the last two years they’ve thrown amazing block parties during OpenStreetsPGH with live music, strider races, and lots of great activities to draw in participants. Thick Bikes also encourages their customers to become BikePGH members, and works to promote cycling as a whole, from great unicycling workshops, to bike camping trips, and everything in between.

BikePGH believes all businesses have the potential to become bike and pedestrian friendly. To see how your workplace can help make an impact, start by checking out our business page *or* email our Business Relationship Manager to begin a conversation.


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