Video: How to use Bus-Bike Lanes

Introducing Pittsburgh’s First Bus-Bike Lanes

In Pittsburgh, a few bus lanes now allow cyclists in them, creating bus-bike-only lanes. These lanes are designed to give cyclists more options when traveling through the city. Here are the main things you need to know about sharing the lane with buses.


1. Look for signage and street markings

First, in order to identify which bus lanes you can and can’t use, you’ll have to become familiar with how they’re marked. You can ONLY use bus lanes with the appropriate signage or street markings. DO NOT use just any bus lane.


2. Never pass a bus

In the bus-bike lanes, you may find yourself caught riding behind a bus. For your own safety, cyclists must NEVER pass buses. Passing a bus in this lane can expose a cyclist to oncoming traffic and put you at risk for a collision.


3. Travel with buses

Cyclists using a bus-bike lane are only permitted to travel in the same direction as buses. Cyclists are expected to ride with regular traffic if they are traveling in the opposite direction.

Bus-Bike-Only lanes are becoming more popular, so it’s important to become familiar with how to identify and use them. In the future, more bus-bike lanes may emerge in Pittsburgh. Remember these tips, and feel free to share them with a friend!

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  • katzenmiau says:

    I really love these! My concern is that the PAT drivers need education on interacting with cyclists. Some drive dangerously next to cyclist lanes so I wonder if they’ll be as welcoming to cyclists as we are to share the space.

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