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It’s been two years: We want to hear about your thoughts and experiences

Shortly after Uber began testing Semi-Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) on Pittsburgh’s streets in September 2016, we launched a survey to capture how Pittsburghers who bike and walk feel about sharing the road with this new technology, as the cars were deployed on streets home to many people who walk and ride bikes in and around the Strip District. We were surprised by the results.

Since then, a lot has happened. Several more companies have begun testing in Pittsburgh, the State of Pennsylvania passed an Autonomous Vehicle Testing Guidance, and most significantly, an AV struck and killed Elaine Herzberg, a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. In this time, AVs have gone from a local novelty to a national conversation with some wondering if the technology will ever live up to the promise, or even become a reality. All of these things have changed the landscape and potentially affected the speed of public acceptance of AVs and their deployment.

Our original 2017 survey helped guide BikePGH’s understanding and approach to our work as it relates to AVs. It’s now time for us to relaunch our AV Survey to get a sense of how Pittsburghers in 2019 stand on the issue, and see how we’ve changed. All eyes are on Pittsburgh, watching how we handle the changes due to this new technology.

Our survey should only take a few minutes, but will help inform how Bike Pittsburgh attempts to make sense of this technology and help work toward making sure Pittsburgh is the safest, most livable, and best city we can imagine.

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Survey closes Friday, February 1st at 5PM


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