2019 Bike Walk Vote – City Council Primary Edition

Find out how committed the City Council Candidates are towards your safety

Biking and walking are political issues. When you choose to get around by foot or by bike, you are addressing critically important issues: personal health, air quality, oil dependence, economics, infrastructure, and safety.

Each election cycle, we want to make sure that voters understand issues that are important to them. In the case of street safety, where 25% of traffic fatalities and major injuries are pedestrians, decisions that our City Councilpeople make, or don’t make, may literally save their lives.

While BikePGH is not allowed to endorse candidates, we can educate our 3,300 Donor-Members, 18.6K Facebook followers, 19.8K Twitter followers, and 22K subscribers to our email newsletter about how the candidates will approach road safety if voters choose them.

Be sure to Bike Walk Vote the Primary on Tuesday, May 21

We surveyed City Council candidates from each challenged district. This year, the odd numbered districts are up for election. There is no contest in District 5 against Councilman Corey O’Connor. If you are unsure which district you live in, please see the City Council website.

Click here to read District 1 Survey Responses 

Candidates: Councilwoman Darlene Harris, Bobby Wilson, Mark Brentley, Sr

Click here to read District 3 Survey Responses

Candidates: Councilman Bruce Kraus, Chris Kumanchik, Ken Wolfe

Click here to read District 7 Survey Responses

Candidates: Councilwoman Deb Gross, Dierdre Kane

Click here to read District 9 Survey Responses

Candidates: Councilman Reverend Ricky Burgess, Cherylie Blair-Fuller, Kierran Young, Judith Ginyard, Stephen Braxton

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