Video: How to Look, Signal, and Switch Lanes

How to Look, Signal, and Switch Lanes on two wheels

Navigating the city safely requires riding in the correct lanes and communicating effectively. Cycling on the road can feel daunting, especially if you’re not used to traveling through the city via bike. Don’t worry, we’ve put together a few tips to make your next city commute safer and more comfortable.

City Cycling Tips: How to Look, Signal, and Switch Lanes

Ride in the right-most lane

First, ride in the right-most lane that goes in the direction you’re traveling. When turning left, use left-turn lane. If there’s two left-turn lanes, stay in the right-most of the two lanes. If you are heading straight and the right-most lane is a right-turn only lane, then use the middle lane to continue going straight.

Check for traffic in front and behind

Stay alert of what’s in front of you and look back to check traffic. Take a deep breath, exhale, and turn your head to look back. When looking back, determine whether it is clear to switch lanes now or if you should wait for traffic to pass.

Use hand signals to communicate your movement

Using hand signals on the road is essential to clearly communicating with other road users. When moving to the left, reach your left hand out to the side. When moving to the right, pivot your extended left arm up 90 degrees, or simply extend your right arm out to the side.

Remember these tips

May is National Bike Month and Bike to Work Day is coming up quick, so it’s important for even the most experienced cyclists to catch up on their city cycling basics. It’s all about gaining confidence on the road and using effective communication. Remember these tips and share them with a friend!

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