Celebrate new bicycle and pedestrian trail on Hazelwood Green on July 13th

On July 13th, join Greater Hazelwood in a bicycle celebration!

The opening of the trail on Hazelwood Green creates safe pedestrian and cycling connections to the Eliza Furnace Trail, and the rest of Pittsburgh. Hazelwood Initiative is leading the charge to celebrate as a neighborhood this new accessibility in and out of Greater Hazelwood by promoting cycling as an effective form of transportation, while also providing educational programs for residents to learn how to safely navigate the city’s streets by bicycle.

Celebrate this new trail on Saturday

This is a family-oriented public event, with all ages welcome. Activities will include:

  • Bike safety education provided by BikePGH! Learn about about hand signals, ‘taking the lane,’ and other techniques for navigating the city streets and local trails. BikePGH will be hosting two talks around bike safety for new bicyclists and families.
  • BikePGH will also have it’s “I <3 My Bike” Photo Booth set up so participants can get a picture with their bike and register their ride with the National Bike Index.
  • A learn-to-ride obstacle course for kids to develop their skills at navigating the trails, streets, and potholes!Learn about basic bike maintenance and on-the trail repairs.
  • Learn about the regional trail network before continuing on a ride to the South Side, Downtown, or Oakland.
  • Learn about trail stewardship and advocacy work.

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