How to Use a 2-Stage Turn Box

How to Make a Left in 2 Easy Steps

Making a left turn is often reported by cyclists to be one of the most challenging parts of city cycling. There are various strategies cyclists have used to turn safely, including: proper lane positioning and signaling and the installment and use of a 2-stage bike turn box aka the “Copenhagen Left.”

Pittsburgh’s 2-stage bike turn box at East Liberty Blvd and Highland Ave offers a safer way to turn left. East Liberty Blvd has a cycle track allowing cyclists to ride along in a single lane to the right of drivers. Watch our 60-second video to see how it’s done!

City Cycling Tips: How to Use a 2-Stage Turn Box

Go straight across the intersection

First, follow the dotted bike lane to go straight across to the other side of the intersection. A green bike box is a designated space in front of cars where a cyclist can wait during a red light.

Turn 90 degrees & proceed forward

Next, reorient yourself 90 degrees, wait for the green light, then proceed forward. Cyclists can also make a left from the driving lane, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Remember these tips

If a cyclist wants to turn left, it can sometimes be a challenge to merge into the left-lane to make that left turn, especially if there are multiple lanes or a lot of traffic. A two stage left turn box offers bicyclists multiple left turn options, depending on conditions or time of day. Thanks for watching, and feel free to share with a friend!

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