Will you help create a new bike map in 2020?

Together, we are helping people on bikes get where they need to go

When Ricardo Solis moved to Pittsburgh from Costa Rica in 2014, he used his bicycle as his primary mode of transportation. But as you know, getting around Pittsburgh isn’t easy with our anti-grid topography, major hills, and hazardous roads.

“When I first moved to Pittsburgh, I took a wrong turn during my morning bike commute, and somehow ended up on the highway. Before I found the Pittsburgh Bike Map, I was lost.” – Ricardo

Every two years, we produce a new map in the hopes that local bicyclists can learn the safest routes in our city. Make a contribution towards the 8th edition of the Pittsburgh Bike Map and help bicyclists like Ricardo get around the city safely. 

Your support made it possible for us to achieve big infrastructure wins like the new bike lanes on Forbes Ave. Now, we urgently need your help to print a new Bike Map in 2020.

BikePGH believes that our city shouldn’t be an intimidating place to ride a bike. If you’ve ever used the map, hung it on your wall, or handed it to a friend, you know the value of this local resource. 

P.S. We only have until December 31st to raise $50,000 and unlock a $50,000 match. Click here to donate today and your gift will go twice as far.

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