City to host Virtual Forums to Collect Feedback for the 2021 Capital Budget

Use your voice online this year to weigh in on the 2021 Capital Budget

This year has been marked by so many changes for so many people. With changes come new concerns piled on top of old issues that still need addressed. Even amongst these different times, it remains important to speak up about the issues that you are facing in your neighborhoods and how they can be made safer and more livable places for everyone.

Every year the City solicits feedback from City residents about what capital projects and improvements need to be made. Over the past few years, this has been carried out through Deliberative Democracy Forums which take place around the City. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the City will be gathering community input for the 2021 Capital Budget virtually via an online survey and three virtual meetings.

As Mayor Peduto states in the press release about this year’s Capital Budget,”We know that in 2021 we will see a tighter budget as a result of the pandemic. We use our priorities as guiding principles for the direction of our budgets and community input is critical to developing those priorities. We need our residents to tell us what’s happening in their communities so that we can be intentional with our limited resources to meet their needs.”

Register for the Virtual Information Sessions: 

The virtual meetings are separated into three different categories for discussion: mobility projects, community projects, and recreation projects. Below is a list of what each session will discuss.

Mobility Projects: Street Resurfacing, Bridges, ADA Ramps, Public Sidewalks, Slope Failure Remediation, Flood Control Projects

Community Projects: Subrecipient grants, Fair Housing, Affordable Housing, Condemned Buildings, Small Business Development

Recreation Projects: Pools, Parks, Playgrounds, Ballfields, Sport Courts, Recreation and Senior Centers

You can register to participate in each meeting by signing up online via Zoom or you can watch each meeting through the City’s YouTube Channel.

Submit Your Requests via the Online Survey:

The City has created a 2021 Capital Budget Survey, where residents can submit their feedback about what projects and priorities they would like the City to consider. The deadline to submit concerns is June 19, 2020. 

According to the City’s press release,”Community input that is received through the survey and virtual sessions is processed by the Office of Management and Budget and distributed to the appropriate department and City Council district office for consideration when creating their budget requests. All community input is reported in the annual Capital Budget.  

Residents who do not have digital access or who require language access can call 311 to complete the survey over the phone.“

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