BikePGH announces partnership with The Bike Match Network

#BikeMatch: Join us and help provide essential transportation to those in need

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, people are looking for safe and affordable ways to navigate the Pittsburgh region and carry out essential activities and work. BikePGH has partnered with Bike Match to connect people who have an extra bicycle with people who need one. Whether you have a bike or need a bike, we are here to help. Join the #BikeMatch program, or spread the word to help us get as many donors and recipients matched as possible!

Together, we can make biking a safer way to navigate our new world.

How it works

*Please note, for this program, we will only accept bicycles that are in ready-to-ride condition or that only require minor maintenance (flat tire, basic adjustments, or lubrication).

Photo courtesy of the Bike Match Network
  1. Fill out a form. If you have a bike or need a bike, fill out the appropriate form on to donate or to request.
  2. Get matched. If you match with someone nearby, we’ll send you and your match an email with information about the bike and how to make a safe exchange.
  3. Meet up. Determine a time and place to meet. A BikePGH match coordinator will be included on the email thread if you have any questions or concerns. 
  4. Make the exchange. Don’t forget to clean the bike and observe social distancing guidelines!)
  5. Take a picture. Send the photo of your exchange to, and feel free to post it online with #BikeMatch #BikePGH. You can check out stories from across the country about how the bike match program is already helping its recipients – and know that as soon as we get our first Pittsburgh match you’ll see that story there as well! 

Happy (and safe) riding!

Don’t have a ready-to-ride bike, but still want to donate?

Our friends at Free Ride will soon be accepting donations of adult bikes in need of minor repairs or a little extra love! Either drop your bike off during one of their donation events OR take your bike in during a “repair day” and utilize the stands, tools, and used parts to get your bike ready for Bike Matching! We encourage you to contact Free Ride with photos and info of your potential bike donations if you need help deciding whether to donate as-is or put in some elbow grease. 

Contact us with any questions regarding the Bike Match program:

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