10 lunchtime activities with your kids!

Adorable young girl on a tricycle with a loose helmet looking inquisitive. She hasn't started pedaling yet, and she's parked on the side of the curb.

Let’s play!

With most families at home and spending all of their time together, it can be hard to come up with new ways of keeping kids active and entertained throughout the day. Do not worry; we feel your pain, and we’ve got your back! Thinking of all the families we serve, we created this list of 10 awesome activities to do during lunch with your kids.

A crowd of kids and adults play with hula hoops. One young boy in the center in a lion t-shirt is smiling and grabbing his hoola hoop to keep it going. A slightly older child stands behind him in a purple romper smiling.

Up and Moving

Try some of these activities to get the family up and moving for a quick recess  during the day.

1. Neighborhood Ride

Use our Bike Map to plan a quick family bike ride around your neighborhood. A family ride is a fun way to break a little sweat while getting to know your community . Get the kids involved! Encourage them to pick the destination or help find a safe bike route to where you want to go.

Try the Ride Spot app to track your rides and share it with friends and family.

2. Obstacle Course

Blue arrows demonstrate a hypothetical obstacle course in which a kid might bike bobbing and weaving between orange cones or obstacles, then they turn a corner, dodge a green line and then straight ahead to start again.

Example of a simple Obstacle course Created By the Strider foundation 

Anyone that has ever done one will tell you obstacle courses are awesome! You can make them out of items found in your home and nature, and you can make them as easy or challenging as you like. Try setting up a simple course that the whole family can do on and off their bikes.

3. Red Light Green Light

If you have some space to work with, this is a great low maintenance game to play with or without a bike that the whole family can get involved in.

How to play:: 

  • Choose the first caller or ‘traffic light”. The caller will be in charge of calling out the colors Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light, in whatever order they want.
  • Everyone else will line up on the other side of the yard, playground, or field. 
  • Players will move based on what the caller says. Anyone who doesn’t freeze completely is out or they can start over from the beginning.   
    • RED Light- STOP! If the caller yells red light all players must stop. Anyone who doesn’t completely freeze is either out or has to restart up to you!
    • Yellow Light-SLOW DOWN! If the caller yells out yellow light players have to slow down significantly.
    • Green Light-GO! This is the chance for all players to move full speed ahead. 
  • Winner

4. Shadow Tag

If you have a little more space to work with outside, this is a great, no contact alternative to the classic version of freeze tag. Because it is a shadow based game, it is best played outside at a nearby park, green space, or enclosed paved area. 

How to play:

  • Choose the first tagger. The tagger must tag all the other players’ shadows with their foot to win the round. 
  • Rotate taggers each round until everyone who wants to be the tagger has time to do so. 
Young girl on a bikes walks her brightly colored bicycle along an obstacle course made of orange cones and flags. She looks focused and adorable! A woman stands behind the kiddo smiling and blurry in the background
Obstacle courses can be simple or elaborate. Use bikes, scooters, or just have them run, hop, and roll.

5. Hide and Seek 

A classic game that will put the whole house to good use.

How to play:

  • Choose your first seeker. 
  • The seeker will close their eyes and count backward from 10 out loud. 
  • During that time, all other players are to find a hiding spot. 
  • Once the time has passed the seeker has to yell “Ready or not here I come!” and has 2 minutes to find everyone. 
  • Anyone not found in the time period is the winner and becomes the next seeker. 

6. Circle Hand Soccer 

This is a fun game that can be played with limited space. The more people playing, the more fun it is so encourage the whole family to play! You need at least a soccer sized ball to play this game. Preferably some things softer than a soccer ball because you have to use your hands to play.

How to play:

  • All players must gather in a circle. 
  • All players must then spread their legs a little over shoulder length apart. Be sure that all players’ feet are touching on either side to close the gap. 
  • Using only your hands each player is trying to push the ball through the legs of other players. 
  • If the ball goes through a player’s legs they have to play backward. If it happens again they are out for the round. 
  • The winner is the last player standing! 

7. Freeze Dance

This is a great game to get those afternoon jitters out of your system while showing off those new dance moves. 

How to play:

  • Choose the first DJ. The DJ is in charge of picking the song and more importantly starting and stopping the song for the game. 
  • All other players are to bust a move until they hear the music stop. 
  • When the music stops anyone still caught dancing is out for the round. 
  • The last dancer standing is the winner and becomes the next DJ. 
  • Alternate between faster and slower songs each round to add a little more challenge. 

Laidback and Fun!

 These activities are meant to refocus and use all that extra energy, be creative, and explore new ways to have fun. 

Three young men and their teacher stand in a line on top of longs, each balancing on one foot and making poses with their arms. Many are holding hands and one throws his arms up in triumph. This picture is also adorable.
Yoga can be laid back and relaxing or challenging and fun. You get to pick!

8. Lunchtime Yoga  

Yoga is a great way to release energy during the otherwise hectic lunch hour. Not a yoga teacher? No problem. While screen time may already be at an all-time high, there are many awesome online interactive yoga classes for kids.

There are free online interactive yoga sessions:

And, there are local yoga studios with virtual and in-person yoga sessions for kids:

9. Cooking 

Cooking is a great activity that the whole family can enjoy. In some cases, too many cooks in the kitchen can be hectic but getting the whole family involved is a great way to sneak some family time into the lunch hour.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Trail Mix
  • Chex Mix
  • Bugs on a log
  • Pita Pizza
  • PB&Js
  • Granola Bars
  • and more

10. Storytime 

Grab a good book off the shelf for family storytime. Change it up by making up your own story and letting each family member add something to the story. Build your reading place together, set up pillows, blankets and chairs to make a cozy storytime atmosphere, then maybe, just maybe… they can slip into nap-time more easily. ;)

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